ACT English

This course is designed to help you improve your ACT English score up to 6 points. Learn specific strategies, increase speed, practice specific skills, and build confidence. You will be laser focused on proper punctuation and grammar.


ACT Reading

Is it difficult to read and answer questions on the reading section of the ACT? Worry no more! This course is designed to provide clear tips, proven strategies, and specific practice for the reading section.


ACT Science

Is this your least favorite section of the ACT? It doesn't have to be. This course will help you gain an understanding of the science section, learn proven strategies, and increase your speed.


ACT Math

This course is designed to provide practice on specific math skills: pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. You will learn important strategies that are proven to increase your speed and success on the ACT math section.


FREE ACT Practice Tests

I know, I know! You've heard it a million times. Practice makes perfect! Well, it's true. You have to find the time to practice prior to taking the ACT exam. Download these 4 FREE exams! Don't forget to time yourself!


ACT Crash Course

Proven Tips and Strategies for ACT English, Reading, Math, and Science